Monday, January 21, 2013

Draft Vision Statement

The Board of Directors is currently reviewing a draft vision statement for the Port Hueneme Chamber of Commerce. Please feel free to comment. 


The Port Hueneme Chamber of Commerce strives to be a major resource to the local business community providing exceptional service to the membership of the Chamber and being a hub for membership collaboration.  We serve as a positive influence in the local community, advocate for our members to local government, and we seek to be a strong collaborative partner for other organizations in Ventura County.

About the Port Hueneme Chamber of CommerceThe Port Hueneme Chamber of Commerce (PHCC) was incorporated in 1940. The original Board of Directors was the driving force of the incorporation of the city of Port Hueneme in 1948. The mission of the PHCC is to be a dynamic business organization striving to promote growth, prosperity and a quality of life for our members and community.  The PHCC office shares the location with the Historical Society Museum, occupying the former Bank of Hueneme Building, located across the street from the Port of Hueneme.  For more information about this wonderful Chamber of Commerce, call 805-488-2023 or email

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