Monday, October 29, 2012

Letter from the Chairman

Chairman of the Board
Samuel F. Hirschberg

The Port Hueneme Chamber of Commerce represents one of the most unique communities in California.

By serving hundreds of wonderful businesses, an important Navy Base, the local City Council and the Port of Hueneme -- a deep water Port that is a virtual doorway to the global economy -- the Port Hueneme Chamber of Commerce is a wonderful organization dedicated to lifting up business, households and the local government.
Strategic Direction
All businesses must regularly assess their strategic plan in order to survive, and thrive, in our changing economy. And the same is true for the Port Hueneme Chamber of Commerce.  Like many of our members, the volunteer Board of Directors of the Chamber has had to reinvent itself, to do more with less, and to become even better at promoting the local economy.  And over the past 12 months, our wonderful, active Chamber has been successful at doing just that -- reinventing our great Chamber.

Recently, in order to better serve you, the Chamber has ...
  • Audited our financial structure
  • Committed more resources to promoting our great members
  • Developed programs to educate our community on the value of local commerce
  • Built strong bridges with our state and local government, the Navy Base, the City Council, city manager and police
  • And best of all, the Chamber has organized a successful platform to inspire and assist local business to be leaders in the new economy
Great News!
This new strategy is working.  Membership is up, with historical members returning to the Chamber, and new members joining on.  Breakfast networking events and evening mixers are active, well attended and best of all -- fun!
You are invited to join the fantastic Port Hueneme Chamber, tucked away on the west side of Ventura County.  As a participant you will benefit from:
  • Networking with local business
  • Networking with local government leaders and elected officials
  • Advertising and promotional strategies
  • You will be listed in the "Shop Hueneme” program (FREE), designed to connect residents to local business
  • You’ll participate in cutting-edge online strategies (Many FREE opportunities included with your membership) which will enhance your Internet exposure
  • Sponsorship opportunities to target your message to the ‘movers and shakers’ of the County
  • And much much more!
Build Your Local Economy; Business, Household and Government
I can’t say enough about the excellent board that I am fortunate enough to Chair; their incredible work ethic, integrity, and how much they care about the community they work in and do business in. But it is up to everyone in the community to make a difference in the local economy; to promote a healthy business environment, inspire households to shop Hueneme and assist the government so they can continue to provide value to the business and households of our great city, thereby positively affecting our County and State.
Together, by acting locally; business, households and local government truly can make a difference and build a more robust business community. Together, we can be the positive difference.

For more information please call 805-488-2023 or email chamberinfo [at]

Samuel F. Hirschberg

About the Port Hueneme Chamber of Commerce
The Port Hueneme Chamber of Commerce (PHCC) was incorporated in 1940. The original Board of Directors was the driving force of the incorporation of the city of Port Hueneme in 1948. The mission of the PHCC is to be a dynamic business organization striving to promote growth, prosperity and a quality of life for our members and community.  The PHCC office shares the location with the Historical Society Museum, occupying the former Bank of Hueneme Building, located across the street from the Port of Hueneme.  For more information about this wonderful Chamber of Commerce, call 805-488-2023 or email

About Samuel F. Hirschberg
Samuel began his career in sports and fitness as the Head Tennis Professional at the prestigious Ojai Valley Inn & Spa Tennis Center (, a 5-Diamond resort and spa located in Ojai, California. Samuel served the Ojai Valley Inn & Spa for 14 years where he says he "gained stellar customer-service training from the best in the hospitality industry."

After a successful career in tennis, combining his education and passion for business development, Samuel served as the Director of Business Development for six years at the International Sports Sciences Association, where he managed and developed a team of over 400 sales representatives, started and oversaw the Internet marketing division, published hundreds of successful press releases and articles, became published in the Washington Post, Readers Digest, Los Angeles Times,, and countless publications worldwide. Samuel also authored a series of continuing education courses (CEUs).

After serving the ISSA, Samuel served as the Vice President of Marketing and Advertising for the Fitness Together Franchise Corporation (, a $125 million organization. Samuel helped over 500 International personal training locations grow their market share and led the marketing departments for franchise growth, helping the organization grow from 330 units to over 700 locations. In addition, Samuel served as Vice President of Franchise Marketing for elements therapeutic massage, inc. ( a leading therapeutic massage franchise network that grew from 0 to 120 International locations in just 18 months.
Today, Samuel serves as the Managing Director of Personal Trainer Central where he helps match great people worldwide with dedicated fitness professionals. Sam has also been instrumental in overseeing the development of The Trainer Station which helps personal trainers discover important business-related topics, and the Career Development Center assisting personal training professionals to learn from leading, niche-specialized fitness trainers through a cutting-edge distance education platform (Fitness Career eLearn). Designed to educate fitness professionals on how to provide stellar service to a growing base of clients in today's changing economy.

In addition, Samuel consults with multi-million dollar organizations providing services such as strategic planning, marketing branding, direct marketing, technology-based communications, return on investment (ROAI) tracking, analytics, sales and marketing and business development.

In order to better serve the industry, Samuel recently completed two continuing education courses in advertising ethics training with the Distance Education and Training Council (DETC); 1.) The DETC Business Standards Course and 2.) The DETC Evaluator Training Course; these are critical examinations as they provide guidelines for acceptable and ethical advertising methods in today’s competitive marketplace. Samuel also completed a series of continuing education courses at Homewatch CareGivers University, the franchising leader in Home Care on important topics relating to aging and dementia care.
Samuel currently serves as the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Port Hueneme Chamber of Commerce and is active in the Chamber Alliance of Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties which promotes business friendly legislation. Samuel is also a member of the California State University Channel Islands (CSU) Business and Technology Partnership ( and is a member of the Ventura County Leadership Acadamy of the United Way, Cohort XVII (VCLA). To inquire about Sam’s schedule please call 805-320-9775 or email;


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